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Cinema arrived at The Shed in 1993 with the showing of Dave Sample's 16mm docu-short called Scarborough. The wonderfully mad Finn, Rosa Liksom, showed a selection of her video shorts in 1996 and Jan Kopinski's Ghost Music project included film of Polish cemeteries. That particular night we also beamed live images (captured using a tiny security camera) of a dark Brawby street onto a huge monitor on stage (we still have that eerie footage).

The Shed's cinema was created using an old projector screen found in a skip at Malton tip for which the princely sum of £3 (three pounds) was paid. Films at The Shed have included: Harold and Maude, The Navigator (with improvised soundtrack by Billy Jenkins and the Blues Collective), No More Mr Nice Guy, Cinema Paradiso, Black Rider, Trains and Roses, It's A Jungle Out There and Surprise

We serve FREE popcorn!

Thanks are due to Karin Doose who not only advises us on which films to present but brings the projectors and shows them for us. Karin runs Ryedale Film Society and shows films in Pickering on Sunday nights. Many of the films she chooses are in German. Karin is German, so there's always one person in the audience who understands what's going on!

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