David Thomas’ directions to The Shed.

David Thomas

“Brawby is a bend in the road.

Drive north of York.

Follow any road narrower

than your vehicle’s wheelbase.

Arrive at the Middle of Nowhere

and look around.

You can’t miss it.

Think of all the desperate,

lost journeys thru the night,

fans trying to find the place: showtime approaching

and passing inexorably,

magnificently LOST.

How rare,

how privileged to find yourself

actually HERE.

The venue is the village hall.

The village hall is the size

of a garden shed with pretentions.

Outside is coal fire smoke in the pitch

black night, and,

at the center of Great Nowhereness,

unearthly quiet.

Inside is a Unique Event waiting to happen.

I’d like to make the following points:

1. Fish & chips can only be found north of the Humber.

2. The Shed is the best venue in England.”