Ian McMillan and The Shed poems

Ian McMillan

Ian McMillan was born in 1956 and first made his name through his work with the Poetry Circus in the early 1980′s. Since then he has become famous for his work in schools, radio (presenter of The Verb on Radio 3, Booked and panelist on many other Radio 4 shows, the Mark Radcliffe Show and Poetry Please), as Poet in Residence for Barnsley F.C., and in poetry venues across the nation. Ian first performed at The Shed in 1994 supporting Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick.

Ian and Simon have worked together on several of Simon’s projects including the famous Yorkshire Pudding Boat Race and Hat, the Award Winning performace of words, music and knitting, and the North Yorkshire Elvis Bus Tour. Ian and Simon meet periodically for a bowl of soup and dream up new ideas.

the shed

Only two man-made things can be seen from space
The Great Wall of China, and this:
An old Shed door and a packed out place
Of community, cultural, artistic bliss…

If the world has a centre then this is it,
And I’m only exaggerating a tiny bit!

© Ian McMillan July 2001

endless shedness

lift lid of shed peer into
endless shedness below

a kind of blue sky shedness
a kind of endless shedness
like the corners you find in sheds

like your shed has more corners
than you thought possible


© Ian McMillan 1997

I Found This Shirt includes the poem endless shedness

endless shedness can be found in Ian’s collection of poems and prose ‘I Found This Shirt’ and is available to buy from The Shed Online Shop.